What to expect from

During the first consultation we will take a thorough case history that will cover questions such as the presenting complaint, history of traumas and general health. We will examine you, which may include asking you to perform simple movements of the appropriate joints. If it is necessary we will perform apropriate tests for example neurological and cardio vascular. It is important that we assess whether it is safe and appropriate for you to receive Osteopathic treatment. We will discuss the diagnosis with you in a way that makes sense. An important part of osteopathic consultation is educating people as to what has gone wrong for them and what they can do to rectify it. We will discuss how treatment may help and what techniques are the most suitable for your complaint.


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If it is appropriate we will refer you to your GP or another practitioner for further assessment. We may give advice about diet, exercise, and use of self at work and leisure. In essence, our aim is that you leave feeling empowered about your health.